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Science Internet Resources #2 - December 2011

Science Objects Collection is a two-hour, online, interactive inquiry based content module to help teachers better understand Cell Division and Differentiation: Continuity of Life, Variation and Specialization of Cells, and Multicellular Organization.

Experience an up-close look at a tropical montane cloud forest using video clips and facts describing each different forest environment.  He site includes background information and lessons on water, weather, soils, ecology and science processes.

Chemical element videos created by high school students depicting an element from the periodic table of elements.

Science video games and simulations for classroom use.

The Nature PBS series offers video-enhanced lessons for students featuring episode clips and exploring various topics.  The website also includes behind-the-scenes interviews with scientists and interactive games for students.

The interactive science units teach high school students how to use scientific instruments meaningfully while stretching students’ imaginations and developing critical-thinking skills.

Lab Safety Training Videos with up-to-date information to help teachers improve laboratory safety.

More than 200 podcasts of engaging experiments requiring nothing more than typical kitchen equipment.

Gizmos science and math simulations targeted for use with students in grades 3-12.

A blog that is a one-stop shop for K-12 technology resources including lesson plans, teacher downloads, video creation resources, e-bo0ks, educational apps, resources lists and tips for blogs and websites.

A website for K-12 educators where members share successful projects, trade resources and connect with others interested in protecting the environment.

A film series presenting different visions of American society in the future exploring social issues and science fiction.

An online physics tutorial of 14 topics with graphics, animations, and assessment opportunities.

The Marshmallow Challenge

Connect your middle or high school science, technology, engineering, and mathematics classes to NASA exploration and discovery by joining the NASA Explorer Schools (NES) project.

Train ‘Like’ an Astronaut, an international fitness and nutrition education program for students ages 8-12. Students will practice scientific reasoning and teamwork while participating in hands-on training missions targeting strength, endurance, coordination, balance, spatial awareness, and more.

NASA’s annual publication highlighting innovations and examples of how NASA technology is used to improve everyday life.

Interactive games that teach K-5 students about which fish are safe to eat and an interactive map that teaches about the fish in your area.

An interactive, animated website for ages 8-11 encourages students to take an interest in their backyards learning about nature and wildlife as they complete games and earn patches.

The USDA offers food safety information for K-college students and teachers.  This website includes booklets, puzzles, word searches, activity downloads, curriculum materials, articles and other resources to introduce safe food practices.

This website introduces nearly 50 different career opportunities through video interviews, career profiles, tools to rate potential career choices, and an interactive game.

A monthly e-newsletter that informs high school teachers and students about the latest biomedical research.

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  1. Please add my free youtube music videos about lab safety, weight and balances to your list. They are on my site