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TPT 3 Million Followers Sale

Have you heard? TPT is 3 million strong now! 
That's a lot of talent in one place! 

They are gearing up for a 2 day celebration for their grand milestone and it's THIS Thursday and Friday!

Free Science Resources February 2014

Free Science Resources February 2014
Are you looking for free, excellent, interactive science web resources to plan lessons, share with your students or provide enrichment materials? 

We have compiled a new list of Free K-12 Science Teacher and Student Internet Resources. 

Subjects included are General Science, Biology and Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Physics.

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Stress Relievers for a Bright Teacher!!


Stress Relievers for a Bright Teacher!! 

Mid-Winter and what teacher isn't at least a little stressed and tired?  We know that stress relievers can help rejuvenate you and get you through the remainder of the school year!

So, how does a Bright Teacher start to de-stress?
Here are some helpful ideas:
  • Play relaxing music in the classroom while your students work. My favorite CDs are my Yanni albums. No words, just pure music bliss!
  • Exercise right after school to clear your mind of classroom worries.
  • Eat Healthy - this includes a good breakfast, healthy snacks, and pack your lunch (skip that cafeteria food).
  • Manage your time and be realistic with the goals that you can accomplish each day.
  • Sleep - yes, get 7-8 hours of sleep each day.
  • Reward yourself for sticking to your goals, eating healthy, exercising and taking time for yourself with a small purchase, a nap, a massage, or more time to read that book on your desk!!
Try it out for a few weeks and then check back and leave a comment to let us know how you are doing and what you have implemented to make your day less stressful!

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