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Top Ten Tips for Teaching with New Media

A free resource for you to help make the most of the latest technologies and innovative ways to use during the school year.

Full of succinct and practical ways to prepare students for 21st-century success, this guide will help you deliver the relevant and meaningful education all students deserve.

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What's Inside the PDF?
  1. Break the Digital Ice
  2. Survey Your Experts
  3. Get Off to a Good Start
  4. Contribute to Science
  5. Find What You Need
  6. Make Meaning from Infographics
  7. Work Better, Together
  8. Make Learning Social
  9. Put Your Best Face Forward
  10. Use the Buddy System

2011 Summer Rejuvenation Guide: Ten Teacher Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Summer

It's time for you! Time to relax, reflect, and recharge. Whether your summer plans call for a cool adventure or professional development, you'll find resource-packed ideas here. Take the time to learn about digital storytelling or join a site for bookworms and, most importantly, enjoy your summer!

Download the PDF

What's Inside the PDF?
  1. Grow Your Network
  2. Party with the Stars
  3. Do-It-Yourself Professional Development
  4. Tell the Story of Your Life
  5. Try Something New
  6. Curate Classroom Artifacts
  7. Give a Little, Get a Lot
  8. Get Moving
  9. Crack the Books
  10. Plan Ahead for Next Summer

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