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Animal Kingdom: Reptiles and Birds Unit Bundle - 9 files

This product includes the Animal Kingdom: Reptiles and Birds Unit Bundle - 9 files.

Each topic contains a PowerPoint presentation, Notes Outline, Homework Assignments, Quizzes, and Unit Exam. In total, there is 1 PowerPoint Presentation Lesson Plan, 1 PP Notebook for Smartboard, 1 Notes Outline, 3 Homework Assignments, 2 Quizzes, and 1 Exam.

This bundled product includes the following topics in the Animal Kingdom: Reptiles and Birds Unit Bundle - 9 files:

This PowerPoint Lesson Plan contains 66 slides on the following topics of The Animal Kingdom - Reptiles and Birds: Reptiles and Birds, Characteristics of Reptiles, Class Reptilia, Bony Skeleton, Ectothermic Metabolism, Water Retention, Watertight Skin, Scales, Watertight Eggs, Amniotic Egg, Reptilian Lungs, Reptilian Heart, Reptilian Reproduction, Internal Fertilization, Oviparous, Ovoviviparous, Modern Reptiles, Lizards and Snakes, Order Squamata, Lizards, Snakes, Snake Body Structure, Snake Feeding, Rattlesnake, Rattle, Pit Organ, Jacobson's Organs, Reproductive Structures, Turtles and Tortoises, Turtle Evolution, Crocodilia, Crocodiles and Alligators, Tuataras, Order Rhynchocephalia, Characteristics of Birds, Class Aves, Feathers, Avian Skeleton, Avian Skeleton and Muscles, Endothermic Metabolism, Avian Heart Structure, Avian Lungs, Avian Respiration, Avian Digestive System, Avian Excretory System, External Avian Structures, Adaptations of Birds.

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