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Check out Our Newest Science Task Cards - Cells & Cell Organelles!!

Do your students need extra practice with Animal and Plant Cell Organelles?  
Organelle Function? Cells?

Then this Cell Task Card Bundle is a
'must have' for your Science Classroom:

This set of 32 Cells and Cell Organelles Task Cards will provide Middle and High School Students with Review and Reinforcement of the concepts found while studying Cells, Cell Organelles & Functions.

The following concepts are covered in this set of Task Cards:
Organelles, Animal vs Plant Cells, cell (plasma) membrane, receptor molecules, nucleus, cytoplasm, ribosomes, chloroplast, cell wall, mitochondria, chromosomes, genes, vacuole, nuclear envelope (membrane), gas exchange, organelle functions, ATP, selectively permeable membrane.

Along with the 32 Cells Task cards are 3 blank Task Cards, student direction card, Student Answer Sheet and Teacher Answer sheet/Guide.

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