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Free Science Internet Resources - February 2012

Middle and High School teachers and students can access lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, videos, e-Learning courses, and links on the topic of Biotechnology.

PreK-college educators will find videos, podcasts, documents, images and activities in mathematics, science, social studies, and other core subjects to supplement classroom curricula.

A science enrichment program for grades K-6 featuring posters and questions that entice students to “stop for science.”

Virtual Field Trips for grades K-6 on topics of Soil, Motion, Sky & Weather, Life Cycles, Light, Rocks, Watery Earth, Examining Life, Human Body, Earth’s Changing Surface, Habitats, Electrical Circuits, and Solar Energy.

To reduce the cost of textbook materials, CK-12 offers an extensive library of open-content, web-based “FlexBooks” in math, science, engineering and other core subjects.  Many texts offer both teacher and student editions with materials targeting middle and high school levels.

A simulation software program for students and teachers in grades 5-12 exploring electrons, atoms, and molecules.  Users can explore simulations of gas laws, fluid mechanics, states of matter, phase change, chemical reactions, light-matter interactions,, and many other topics.

A publication for middle and high school students that includes the study of insects, insect Biology, interactions with humans, and insects and human culture.

Entomology teaching materials for elementary through college levels including animations, audio clips, field guides, glossaries, image galleries, news articles, videos, and other resources.

Teachers TryScience is a web site for teachers. This site provides free and engaging lessons, along with teaching strategies and resources, which are designed to spark students’ interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). What’s more, the site features collaboration tools to enable teachers to discuss and share effective instructional practices.

A K-5 spelling curriculum that incorporates sight words, academic vocabulary and grade-level word patterns.

A middle level science curriculum where students use Google Earth and web-based tools and inquiry based labs to investigate essential climate literacy principles.

Educators can access more than 4,000 reports which address science, environment, health and education topics.

An online platform for teachers of all levels to find, share, and edit their favorite STEM activities.  The activities span the science disciplines and include many hands-on experiences.

“Fueling the Car of Tomorrow” is a series of hands-on activities intended to teach high school students about the future of the automobile through the eyes of scientists and engineers. Covering the fields of engineering, chemistry, and biology, the activities span a wide range of experiences including laboratory experiments, computer simulations, and group research projects.

K-college educators can access thousands of educational videos about disciplines in language arts, science, mathematics, technology and social studies.

This podcasting tutorial will show you how to create and publish your very own podcast quickly and easily.

Students ages 8-12 learn about the Emerald Ash Borrer Beetle and how to protect ash trees from this pest.  This website has activity sheets, on-line games and a video.

Aviation focused resources for grades K-12 including activities and experiments.

Education resources of more than 110 national parks for grades K-12 including lesson plans, activities, virtual field trips, and other learning experiences.

Elementary and middle level students are able to use this website that contains games, puzzles, fun facts, videos, images, and coloring pages.

A NASA commemorative space shuttle education site.

Download environmental lesson plans for grades PreK-12 which teach cooperative learning and problem solving skills.

Bell-ringer activities to get students focused on the daily lesson.

All Links have been verified and are working as of February 12, 2012.
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