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New Biology/Health Unit Bundle - 21 files - Reproduction (Sexual and Asexual) Unit Bundle

The topics of Sexual and Asexual Reproduction are included in this bundle. Each topic contains a PowerPoint presentation, Notes Outline, Homework Assignments, and Exam. In total, there are 3 PowerPoint Presentation Lessons, 3 PP Notebooks for Smartboard, 3 Note Outlines, 4 Homework Assignments, 1 Laboratory Assignment with 1 additional transparency file, 1 Quiz, 1 Unit Vocabulary Transparency, 2 Test Prep Question Banks, and 2 Exams.

This bundled product includes the following topics in Reproduction - Sexual & Asexual Unit Bundle - 21 files:

This presentation has 19 slides on the following topics: Asexual Reproduction, Binary Fission, Budding, Sporulation, Regeneration, Vegetative Propagation, Natural Vegetative Propagation, Artificial Vegetative Propagation.

This presentation has 26 slides on the following topics: Sexual Reproduction in Animals, Gametogenesis, Spermatogenesis, Oogenesis, Oogenesis vs. Spermatogenesis, Fertilization, Embryonic Development, External Development, Embryonic Membranes of a Bird, Internal Development, Placental Mammals.

This presentation has 30 slides on the following topics: Human Reproduction, Puberty, Secondary Sex Characteristics, Male Reproductive System, Female Reproductive System, Fertilization, Prenatal Development, Postnatal Development, The Menstrual Cycle, Follicle Stage, Ovulation, Corpus Luteum Stage, Menstruation, Human Reproductive Disorders, Contraception.

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