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Free Virtual Science Resources

Science Review Games

Review game—students can play soccer, ping pong, baseball, basketball, golf, or Super Quiz

Earth Science Hangman


Mineralogy 4 Kids website provides interactive tutorials on minerals and the rock cycle

From Discovery Education—The Dirt on Soil Information and games

Plate Tectonics/Earthquakes/Volcanoes

Interactive tutorials on a variety of topics:  Dynamic Earth, Volcanoes, Weather

Latitude and Longitude lesson and skill builder exercise

Interactive tutorial on plate boundaries

Earthquakes for Kids:  games, animations, facts

Virtual lab-Earthquakes

The Dynamic Earth—information and interactives

Build your own volcano

World’s Water

Freshwater Conservation interactive

Interactive game…try to crack the code

Virtual Cave Dive—Wakulla Spring

NOAA games

Geologic Time and Fossils

Interactive geologic timeline

Arrange the rock layers in order from oldest to youngest using index fossils

Geologic time, dinosaurs, and fossils websites from the Science Spot


Animated diagram

Greenhouse Effect—Interactive Simulation

Earth’s Environment

Climate Change and Global Warming—Interactive

Solve the mystery of the declining frog population

Interactive:  World in Balance, see the effects of our human “footprint” on our planet


Astronomy—Our Place in Space - Information, games, quizzes

Lunar Cycle Challenge—drag moons to their places in lunar cycles

Black Holes Interactive

Seasons Visualization

Online explorations:  Telescopes, Comets, Galaxies, etc…

Auroras—self-guided tour

Take a video tour of the rooms of a house and various locations in NASA City to see how space exploration affects your daily life.

General Science Resources

Resources for science educators, teacher created site

Digital library for Earth Science Education

National Science Digital Library

Lesson plans, interactive media, and video

Digital Library—Learning Resources Collection

Middle School Science

Middle School Portal—Science Resources

Lesson plans

Lesson plans and educational websites

All Links have been verified and are working as of November 3, 2011. 
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