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Free Internet Web Resources for the Science Classroom

Are you looking for free, excellent, interactive science web resources to plan lessons, share with your students or provide enrichment materials? 
We have compiled a list of Science Teacher Internet resources – check them out:

Science Links
  • A collection of videos and documentaries, news summaries, blogs, and other content on the topic of science and technology.
  • This video “Light in Action – Lasers, Cameras, and Other Cool Stuff” features the advancements in the science of light technology with simple animations.
  • Discovery Earth is all about the science of our planet.
  • Dragonfly TV’s goal is to get kids started on their own inquiry investigations. The activities are developed with the National Science Teachers Association. They're aligned with today's science standards, and they're ideal for the classroom or for after-school programs.
  • An online news resource highlighting scientific discovers. Recent topics include climate change, evolution, and seasonal weather patterns. The reports are available as interactive resources or text-only versions.
Biology & Life Science
  • An outdoor program that offers young people fun and challenging opportunities to investigate ecological relationships in their local environment. The 97 OBIS activities, which take youngsters outdoors to investigate biology and to increase their environmental awareness can be used together or individually.
  • The International wolf Center’s website includes educational resources such as fun facts, a Wolf Watch cam, articles, wolf Quest web based game and curriculum for grades 4-12.
  • In this site you will discover facts about our planet, its complex patterns of biomes, plants, and animals, and how climates ultimately determine the biomes of our Earth.
  • This site highlights notable breakthroughs in biomedical research each month. A student worksheet and teacher guide is included for each breakthrough.
  • The Food Safety Music Website that features Dr. Carl Winter's hilarious and educational food safety music parodies.
  • The American Museum of Natural History explores the world of unusual extinct and living mammals.
  • The media Library contains video clips and images of underwater treasures from the 14 marine sanctuaries managed by NOAA.
  • Evolution of Evolution - 150 Years of Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" includes videos and interactive time-line.

Earth & Space Science
  • Watch the whole story of black holes in a series of 15 short interviews with famous scientists from all over the world, for whom black holes are their work and their passion.
  • The one-hour program, presented in six video segments, explores how explosive events on the Sun may impact satellites and disrupt modern global civilizations. Five video podcasts are also available.
  • This video production provides a brief introduction to Earth System Science and NASA’s role in observing and studying our changing planet.
  • Data from the GOES (satellite) mission took images of Earth and helps to aid forecasters in monitoring trigger conditions for severe weather events. Lesson plans on weather mapping and forecasting, spacecraft design, cloud formation, and the water cycle.
  • Ideas and activities for teaching students about the universe.
  • This kit was developed to aid educators in teaching how climate change is affecting our nation’s wildlife and public lands, and how everyone can become “climate stewards.”
  • Greenhouse Gases, Climate Change and Energy down-loadable brochure and on-line information, graphs and images.

  • The Physics Front provides high quality resources for the teaching of physics and physical sciences courses.
  • The NanoLeap project represents an approach for teachers to introduce the exciting world of nanoscale science and technology to their classes by integrating interdisciplinary research with traditional science concepts. Materials available include teacher guides, PowerPoint presentations, and student journal sheets on topics of curious natural phenomenon such as adhesion, small size and scale, and weak atomic interactions
  • Information for HS students on the topic of engineering. The site also features jokes, quizzes and interesting research updates.


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    Look at it carefully before dismissing it as "Microsoft junk". It is a product of their research lab, runs on Mac browsers just fine, and has the endorsement of many professional astronomical organizations such as the AAS and ASP. No installation of software required!!!