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Updated and Revised Biology Lab Pack with Test Prep Questions

This product includes 1 outline to guide students as they write-up their experiments, 16 Biology Laboratory Experiments, and 2 sets of test prep questions related to laboratory procedures and instruments. All individual components in this package can be purchased and viewed separately in my main catalog.

Adaptation of the Human Hand - Evolution Laboratory
Humans are adapted for the things they do. One of our adaptations is our hand. Humans, as well as monkeys, gorillas, and other primates, have a hand that can grasp objects. In this lab exercise, the student will perform several common actions. Then they will change their hand so that it resembles that of a non-primate animal. Students will determine whether or not they can successfully perform the same actions. This will demonstrate how the human hand is adapted for the actions it performs.

Biodiversity - Ecology Laboratory
Students will discover the Biodiversity of a simulated Temperate Forest and Tropical Rainforest.

Blood Cells - Human Circulatory System Laboratory
Students will study and observe Normal Red Blood Cells, Sickle Red Blood Cells and Leukemia in this Laboratory.

Characteristics of Birds - Evolution - Diversity Laboratory
Using pictures of birds, students determine the type of area in which they live, then the birds beak and foot function.

Chick Egg - Reproduction and Development Laboratory
In this Laboratory, students will identify the parts of a chicken egg and examine how the egg is adapted to support an embryo.

Chick Embryo - Development PowerPoint Transparency
This is a one page slide that can be printed as a transparency to use with the Chick Egg - Reproduction and Development laboratory. The following images are included on this slide: 24 hrs, 48 hrs, 72 hrs, 96 hrs, 5 days, 10 days, 12 days, and 16 days.

Diffusion - Biochemistry Laboratory
This lab investigates the diffusion of a substance across a semi-permeable membrane.

DNA Structure - Genetics Laboratory
In this lab students will work in cooperative groups and manipulate paper nucleotides to discover the structure of DNA. When they have finished, the teacher will have a model of DNA that can be hung from the classroom ceiling; it will reach to the floor. This paper model can serve as a continual illustration as you discuss mitosis, amino acid sequences and protein synthesis.

Investigating Common Descent - Evolution Laboratory
Modern research techniques allow biologists to compare the DNA the codes for certain proteins and to make predictions about the relatedness of the organisms from which they took the DNA. Students will use models of these techniques to test their hypotheses and determine which one is best supported by the data they develop.

Kidney and Homeostasis - Human Excretion Laboratory
This Laboratory investigates the role the kidneys play in maintaining homeostasis in the human body.

Lynx Eats the Hare - Ecology and Ecosystems Laboratory
This laboratory is a simulation of Hares and Lynx in the same the habitat.

Molecular Models - Biochemistry Laboratory
Upon completion of this activity, students should be able to list the major elements found in living things and identify the molecular structure of several compounds.

Osmosis and Plasmolysis - Biochemistry Laboratory
PART A: In this investigation you will use a fresh egg to determine what happens in osmosis. Students will be measuring the amount of water that passes through the membrane lining the shell of the egg. PART B: Plasmolysis - The purpose of this activity is to investigate the effects of a hypertonic solution on the cells of a red onion.

Owl Pellet - Ecology and Ecosystems Laboratory PowerPoint Presentation
This power point presentation details the background and laboratory of Owl Pellets. There are clickable links throughout this 5 page presentation.

Respiration - Human Systems and Homeostasis Laboratory
Students participate in various activities to measure the reaction on activity and human respiration. After collecting data, students graph and answer critical thinking questions.

Enzyme - Biochemistry Laboratory
Without enzymes, life as we know it would not be. Here is a pair of activities designed to demonstrate some important relationships governing enzyme activity.

Science Laboratory Outline for Write-Ups
This is an outline that I use to help students organize their Laboratory write-ups.

Laboratory Skills & Interpreting Data Test Prep Questions - 10 pages
This is a set of test prep questions for Biology is on the topic of Laboratory Skills & Interpreting Data. In this 10 page document, there are multiple choice, short answer and Essay questions.

Laboratory Skills & Interpreting Data Test Prep Questions 2 - 14 pages
This is a set of test prep questions for Biology is on the topic of Laboratory Skills & Interpreting Data. In this 14 page document, there are multiple choice and short answer, and Essay questions.

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