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Using Music in the Classroom!

Parents and Preschool teachers often hear how playing classical music can potentially increase a child's ability to reason and think and may even increase a child's IQ.  When thinking about this early in my teaching carrier, I often wondered if any of these thoughts toward using music could also benefit students of all ages - even up into High School level?

What I found among my Inner-City High School students lead me to believe that students of all ages can and do benefit from the increase exposure of music in their daily lives. 

When I first started experimenting with using music in my High School Science Classroom, I used traditional classical music. 

At first, my students protested, but I found that with increased exposure, the complaints decreased and soft music provided a wonderful environment during laboratory experiments, and other group work situations.  
After a few weeks, I began introducing more new-age type music, Yanni being my favorite.  I was always careful to use music without words and ones that would instill a calm atmosphere.

After about a semester, I began to wonder why I was only using music without lyrics. I then began experimenting with different Disney themed CDs.  Because my students were now very used to having background music during much of their science work, they easily adapted to the vocal tracks and were not distracted - in fact, many sang along quietly as they worked in their small groups.
Walt Disney Movies and Cartoons
My inner-city students (ages 14+) never protested the Disney CDs - this surprised me.  However, they did ask that the door be closed so that they were not teased by other students in the school. 

As a High School teacher, I never originally thought my students would enjoy having music in their Science Classroom.  I was wrong, and I encourage all educators to experiment with school appropriate music in their classroom.  You may be just as surprised as I was about how easily music can be included in any classroom.

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  1. Aren't they funny! They want the music, but they want the door closed so their friends don't know! I love using music in the classroom, and find a variety of different types of music to be valuable in different situations. I'll have to dig up some Disney CDs, I love those Disney songs!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  2. I love to use music in the classroom! Great tips!

    Buzzing with Ms. B